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How Do You Manage Your Work Flow?

Ask Yourself The Following:

1. Are you *still* using Post-its? "You've Got Mail."

2. What about to do lists?

3. Feel like you are exchanging too many (avoidable) e-mails with your team?

4. How do you keep track of what your employees/employers are doing on a daily basis… without e-mailing them to inquire about the status of a particular project?

5. Do you track time spent on various pieces of your projects?

We manage our projects with Basecamp – take a look around. What benefits does our team see from using a project management software? Well, we pretty much agree with the buzz and could not put it much better ourselves.

“It’s the iPod of project collaboration.” – Joshua Peterson, via http://basecamphq.com/buzz


We want to know how you all keep everything in order.

Do you have any tips for managing projects? Does your company or association use project management software?
If not, does your company or association have outlined project management practices to keep everyone focused and accountable?

Leave a comment and let us know.


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